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Poggio Orgoglio

Wine & Soul.

With Pride we can achieve our real dreams.

Since the second half of the 1400s, the toscani citizens began to look at the countryside as an investment and an economic opportunity. Even the great undisputed genius of Renaissance Michelangelo, in the sixteenth century, bought a tower in Chianti area called “Nectar Dei”. The artist was personally involved in wine production and he has been able to combine the art to the land.

This is the region where the ancient origins of art are the Italian pride, this Pride manifests itself with full body, its floral bouquet with mixed berries scent into our wines.

The PRIDE of the ancient origins of the wine production dominates in this region as well as in the spirits of those are committed to ensure this tradition will last over time. With the same pride Etiké Vini Group presents its products that are characterized by an enchanting floral bouquet and a pleasant spicy scent. A well-balanced and full-bodied wine.